If you’ve ever watched a property show you’ll know that some people find it incredibly hard to visualise what a particular space can become. They see a room as it is and can’t imagine it being anything else. It’s an incredibly common problem, hence why houses with neutral decor are generally quicker to sell than those with a more dramatic palette.

By our very nature we people are visual creatures – even in the womb babies will turn their heads to light. Therefore any tools we can use to help visualise a change, or a development of an area will improve our ability to see it’s full potential no end.

Here, we’ve outlined our three top tips to help you visualise a space so that if you’re considering a home renovation project, you can get started on the right path!


1. Draw up Plans

The first thing to do would be to engage with an architect or a company such as Kiwi Design and Build who can work with you to create plans for your specific property. You may have a precise desire for a certain space to be added or extended. Or you may simply want to realise your property’s potential. Someone like us can help you do that. We will have a full in depth consultation regarding your motivations for renovating your home, any exacting requirements and go away to draw up plans that we feel meet your brief and make the best possible use of your budget.

2. Create a Mood Board

Once your plans are in place and you know what space you are working with, it’s time to start thinking about design. There are a whole host of resources available out there. Pinterest and Houzz being the most popular (for obvious reasons!) Where you can create digital mood boards as well as keep a track of links to suppliers or DIY tips if you’re so inclined. As well as the more modern approach, there is still a lot of value in creating a physical mood board – gathering colour/fabric swatches, tile samples, flooring ideas etc into one place can be incredibly useful for not only visualising the space but getting a real tangible idea of the finished space.

3. Use 3D Visual Tools

A fantastic resource we came across when researching this post was opunplanner.com. A free, online tool where you can build your room with exact dimensions, all of the fixed features such as doors/windows/partition walls etc and then fill it from a suite of furniture and accessories. You can view in both 2D or 3D with walk through and for visualising a what a new space could become, this facility is gold dust.

Whatever scale of change you’re looking at for your home – whether it be combining two or three rooms into one open plan living area, or a brand new extension… Kiwi Design and Build will do everything we can to help you visualise your new space and realise your property’s full potential. Give us a call on 01562 710 678 or submit an enquiry through our contact form and one of the team will be sure to get back in touch.