Planning a home renovation or extension can be incredibly overwhelming, but rest assured it needn’t be. The fun bit is all the design research and conversations with your architect and builder about what exactly you are able to achieve from the building work you’re about to undertake.

Gone are the days of slapping up boring brick extensions or UPVC conservatory to add some extra space to your home. With the development and improvement of a huge range of materials, contemporary and progressive designs created by well respected architects; and a builder you can trust to deliver your dream – the world is your oyster.

With all of this in mind, we have gathered a few inspirational images and detailed below some key trends for home renovations in 2018.

Sliding doors

Move over bifold, 2018 is the year for sliding doors. Now please don’t think I’m referring to those ugly thick, white UPVC framed monstrosities… sliding doors have moved on an incredible amount. Due to the systems that are now available sliding doors can offer you an ultra thin profile with much more flexibility with regards to width and number of panels – giving you almost no visual disturbance in any size aperture.

Glass detail

When space is at a minimum, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t install a spectacular extension. This glass lean to side extension demonstrates impeccably, how architectural glass can be utilised to create a huge impact from a small scale extension. This glass detailing could also work on larger projects, creating a glass border between old and new – a real style statement.

Window seats

With space forever being at a premium, the addition of quirky, light filled nooks is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only does this pictured example allow additional seating, but also storage underneath. A must have in any family home. And a great spot to take in the garden views with a coffee before the day begins.


Glass box extensions

Think conservatory of the future. With light being at the top of any wish list for architect and designers, a glass box extension is a surefire way to maximise on that. With frameless options also available, you create an incredible connection to the outdoors that would otherwise be impossible. Offering a view of the sky above as well as the garden behind, this is the epitome of bringing the outdoors in.


Whatever your aspirations for your own home renovation in the West Midlands, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you to discuss how we could support the process and deliver the project for you. Fill in our contact form now and we will be in touch to arrange a time to suit you.


* All images sourced from Pinterest