The exterior finish is something often only considered as part of a new build or extension project. However, adding a new exterior finish to your existing home can immediately alter and update the look of your house as well as offering benefits in terms of thermal performance and life of the structure.

As a building contractor in Birmingham, we are as interested in the finished aesthetics of the structures we build as well as the integrity and usability. When employing Kiwi Design and Build to deliver your home renovation or extension project, you are assured that throughout the process all options are offered and considered and only the most appropriate for your home and budget are acted upon.

In this weeks post, we wanted to detail some of the more common exterior finishes for homes at the moment. Any of the exterior finishes can be used individually or combined to create interest and texture to your property, being mindful of any local planning department restrictions.


There are a whole range of brick finishes that can be considered – old, new, red, blue etc. And if your house has been constructed with a brick you’re unhappy with the look of there are also options for brick cladding. These brick slips are thin slices of brick that are fixed to an external or indeed internal wall, to give the appearance of a solid brick finish.


A rendered exterior gives a real clean and bright finish to a home and with the option of coloured renders available now the need to paint becomes unnecessary. Rendering is a really good way of eliminating penetrating damp. Where mortar is failing in existing brick joints, render offers a bright, clean and waterproof layer protecting the structure beneath.


Timber cladding again offers a whole host of options so we have detailed out the most commonly requested – cedar cladding being one of them. Cedar will age into a beautiful silver grey colour if left untreated, however if you prefer the redish tones of the natural wood, then it can be sealed to retain that as it ages.

Blackened Larch

The Japanese art of Shou-Sugi-Ban has been made extremely popular in uk home design over recent years. The process of charring the surface of the wood makes it resistant to fire, rot, insects and the UV effects from the sun. Offering much more than just the beautiful aesthetic of the amplified wood structure and grain. This process can be applied to other timbers but larch is one of the most popular.

Natural stone

Stone by its very nature is a heavy material to work with but the effects of stone cladding are incredible and longlasting. The natural moisture protection and insulating properties are a key selling feature and with the range of stone materials available there is most definitely one to suit your desired finished appearance.


You may just think of commercial buildings when you hear the term ‘metal cladding’ but the is no longer the case! Metal exterior cladding now comes in many forms and zinc is one of the most beautiful. It can be shaped to follow curves and forms so is more flexible in terms of design that the other options. Also, the lifespan of metal cladding can be much longer than timber which is of course an added benefit!

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