A couple of weeks ago we posted our top three ideas to merge your living space into the garden. One particular element of that post gained such a lot of interest from our readers that we thought it deserved a post all of its own – windows. Or more broadly – glazing. Here you will find a post dedicated to the power of glazing, highlighting ways it can transform a building both inside and out and various styles and designs to add drama to your finished renovation.


External Glazing

When we’re approached to look at a ground floor home renovation project or extension, the most commonly requested inclusion is bifold doors. Of course these have a deserved place but there are a whole host of other ways to increase light into your space and encourage seamless flow between indoors and out. Full height frameless glass panels can make an incredible statement. Also think about roof lights and the variety of options available there – flat/pitched, static/sliding, traditional/modern.

Adding a fully glazed gable end will add a huge amount of dramatic effect and will look as impressive in a traditionally built converted barn as as it will in a modern style newly built home.

You can change the look and feel of a standard ground floor renovation a thousand different ways through the glass detailing alone. Therefore we would always make this element a huge point for consideration.

Internal Glazing

When thinking about internals, glazing isn’t always something that would necessarily come to mind. However, you can add some incredible dramatic effect to your interior design with the use of glass. Glazing is a fantastic way to add definition to areas of a large open plan space without blocking the migration of light. With a vast array of frame profiles, colours and designs, the possibilities are endless.

Hagley Project


This glazing installation was part of a project we completed recently in Hagley. The simplicity and modernity of the anthracite frames add clean lines to the design. And the simple addition of a complimenting full height glass panel next to the bifold doors add an extra dimension and element of interest to what would otherwise be a relatively standard opening.

If you are planning a home renovation and the key to your brief is the maximisation of light, then we would love to hear from you. Visit our contact us page to get in touch today for a free consultation to see how Kiwi Design and Build can bring your dream home into reality.